As part of our commitment to transparency we publish details of expenses incurred and hospitality received by BRC members on a quarterly basis. We also detail expenditure in excess of £500 twice a year, and the contact made between Treasury officials and OBR staff.

19th January 2016
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20th January 2014
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18th December 2012
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31st October 2011
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Contacts with ministers, special advisers, private office and opposition MP’s (within the last 12 months):

Meetings with opposition MP’s:

31st January 2012
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Run-up to December 2012 Economic and fisacl outlook

Run-up to July 2012 Fiscal sustainability report 

Run-up to March 2012 Economic and fiscal outlook

Run-up to November 2011 Economic and fiscal outlook

As part of our commitment to transparency we are publishing details of our senior staff posts and organisational structures. The OBR has published the letters of appointment of all three members of the BRC previously, in the Who we are section.

30th March 2015
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30th March 2015
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Our release policy is available here: 

18th March 2015
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Read the letter outlining the OBR settlement here: