We publish data on various aspects of the public finances and to provide supplementary information to support our forecasts and other analysis.  Please email to let us know what further data you would find useful.

Public finances databank

15th January 2016
xls, 289 kB

Historical official forecasts database

25th November 2015
xls, 179.5 kB

Policy measures database

7th April 2015
xlsx, 1.06 MB

Policy costings uncertainty ratings database

25th November 2015
xlsx, 48.06 kB

Supplementary data

Alongside each of our main reports we publish supplementary databases providing more detail on aspects of our forecasts and analysis. We also publish a spreadsheet version of all the charts and tables in each report. Databases published alongside earlier reports can be found on the relevant main report pages.

November 2015 Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO)

October 2015 Forecast evaluation report (FER)

July 2015 Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO)

June 2015 Fiscal sustainability report (FSR)

June 2015 Welfare trends report (WTR)

March 2015 Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO)