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Policy measures database

The OBR has today published a database of Budget and Autumn Statement policy measures announced since Roy Jenkins’ final Budget in 1970. It covers all significant tax measures announced between the 1970 Budget and Alistair Darling’s final Budget in March 2010. It then includes all tax and spending measures announced since the Coalition Government’s June […]

A brief guide to the public finances

This guide provides a brief introduction to the UK public finances and to the terms used to describe them in the official statistics. We describe the main sources of government income and spending, and explain how these are used to calculate whether the government is running a surplus or a deficit. We also explain how government debt is […]

External review of the OBR

Kevin Page, former Parliamentary Budget Officer for Canada, has been appointed to lead an external review into the work of the OBR, consistent with the requirements of the legislation underpinning the OBR.    

OBR re-appointments

The Chancellor has today proposed the re-appointment of Graham Parker as a member of the OBR’s Budget Responsibility Committee (BRC) and confirmed Kate Barker’s re-appointment as a Non-Executive member of the OBR. Read the HM Treasury press release

Policy costings and our forecast

The Charter for Budget Responsibility requires that the OBR provides “independent scrutiny and certification of the Government’s policy costings”. Briefing paper No. 6: Policy costings and our forecast describes how we approach the costings process, including the roles of the Treasury and other relevant departments, and how we incorporate the impact of policy measures in […]

Costing pre-election policy proposals

Robert Chote has given written and oral evidence to the Treasury Committee on the costing of party policy proposals in the run up to general elections.    

Autumn Statement 2013 Economic and fiscal outlook

Our Autumn Statement forecast was published on 5 December alongside the Autumn Statement. It contains forecasts for the UK economy and public finances to 2018-19 and our assessment of whether the Government is likely to achieve its fiscal mandate and supplementary target. The full document and supporting information is available on the main EFO page.

Exchange of letters between the Chancellor and Robert Chote

The Chancellor and Robert Chote have exchanged letters on the role the OBR will take in assessing the Government’s performance against the welfare cap that it intends to introduce at Budget 2014.  

Exchange of letters between Ed Balls and Robert Chote

Robert Chote and Ed Balls have exchanged letters on the latter’s proposal that the OBR should provide independent scrutiny and certification of political parties’ proposed manifesto commitments on spending and tax.

Stephen Nickell’s reappointment approved by the Treasury Select Committee

The Treasury Select Committee announced that “Having considered his oral and written evidence, and taking into account his previous appearances before the Treasury Committee, we are satisfied that Professor Stephen Nickell has the professional competence and personal independence to be reappointed as a member of the Budget Responsibility Committee. We therefore consent to his appointment. […]

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