Ageing population to put pressure on the public finances

Fiscal Sustainability Report 2014

Our fourth Fiscal sustainability report shows that further tax increases or spending cuts are likely to be needed after the current fiscal consolidation to help meet the costs of an ageing population.

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21st July 2014

The OBR is commmitted to publishing further information underlying our forecasts and projections. As a result of a recent request for information we will publish the estimated effect of fiscal drag on the numbers of taxpayers liable to income tax and National Insurance up to 2033-34.  This supplementary release will be available on our website at […]

10th July 2014

The latest in our series of Working Papers were published on 10 July 2014. Working Paper No.5 – Output gap measurement: judgement and uncertainty uses a range of methods to demonstrate the uncertainty of measuring the output gap and considers the appropriate definition in the context of examining the UK public finances.   Working Paper […]

10th July 2014

The OBR is committed to publishing data that underlies our forecasts and projections. As a result of a recent request we have published our mortgage interest rate forecast consistent with the March 2014 EFO. This release is available in the supplementary documents section of the March 2014 EFO page.    

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Public finances release
Public finances release
Public finances release

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