Publication of monthly commentary on the public finances


The latest public finances data, for March 2014, was published by the ONS and HM Treasury today at 9:30am.

Our regular monthly commentary on the release will be published here at around midday.

What else is new

22nd April 2014

Since the publication of our Economic and fiscal outlook on 19 March we have received an additional request for information which underlies our forecast for tobacco duty revenues. As a result we will publish our forecast for clearances of hand-rolled tobacco tomorrow, 23 April at 11am.

4th April 2014

Kevin Page, former Parliamentary Budget Officer for Canada, has been appointed to lead an external review into the work of the OBR, consistent with the requirements of the legislation underpinning the OBR.    

19th March 2014

The Chancellor has today proposed the re-appointment of Graham Parker as a member of the OBR’s Budget Responsibility Committee (BRC) and confirmed Kate Barker’s re-appointment as a Non-Executive member of the OBR. Read the HM Treasury press release

What we do

The Office for Budget Responsibility:

  • produces forecasts for the economy and public finances,
  • judges progress towards the Government's fiscal targets,
  • assesses the long-term sustainability of the public finances,
  • scrutinises the Treasury's costing of tax and welfare measures. more

What's coming

Public finance release
Public finance release
Fiscal sustainability report

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